Innovate. Design. Build.

We help organisations to succeed by innovating, designing and building outstanding customer experiences.

Faster passport renewals

We worked with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs to design a faster passport renewal experience. Learn more

Journeys that drive new business

We worked with RSA Insurance to streamline their home and motor insurance quote paths, with the aim of increasing conversion rates. Learn more

Streamlined document legalisation

We designed and built a SaaS product that streamlines the document legalisation process required for export trade to the Middle East. Visit Client

Putting the audience first

We designed and built the BIM website to showcase the impact of the state agency to its diverse, multi-sector audience. Visit Client

Sensitive content design

We created a digital ecosystem for HIQA to support their programme to improve the quality of health and social care services in Ireland. Visit Client

Experience design at scale

We partnered with Guidewire and Metlife to create a product that manages millions of insurance policies around the globe. Learn more

Design for the future

We redesigned Clubforce's application suite from the ground up, evolving their service offering into a modern user experience. Visit Client

Innovating under pressure

We worked with the ESB to use Machine Learning & IOT devices to capture and interpret time sensitive data from pressure gauges located in their monitoring stations. Learn more

People first design

We worked with inCharge HQ to guide their vision for solutions that will support people with disabilities and their families. Learn more

Design for trust

We worked with TitanHQ to redesign their product ecosystem into a cohesive cybersecurity framework that their customers could trust. Visit Client

Design for first responders

We collaborated with ACETECH to create a unified fleet management product that allows emergency services to operate more efficiently. Visit Client

UX Design for a changing world

We deliver UX Design services, via staff augmentation, to BNP Paribas - a leading Banking & Financial Services enterprise. Visit Client

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Giving back

At Xwerx, we promote diversity and inclusion, support communities and do our bit to protect the environment. We do this, in part, by setting aside some time each year to assist deserving organisations on a pro-bono basis. Under our CSR policy, we deliver UX support to worthy products and services.

Our services

Great customer experience helps you to increase revenue, retain customers, drive down support costs and build a platform for the future of your organisation. All of our services leverage the intrinsic commercial value of design and act as a pivot for your success.

We work in dedicated project teams, blending Innovation, User Research, UX Design, UI and DevOps. Techniques and work practices vary from project to project and can be encapsulated in four key areas.

Research the audience

Research the audience

We push boundaries, going deep with our research techniques, to understand your customers’ behaviour.

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Prototype the vision

Prototype the vision

We rapidly sketch and prototype the vision for your product or service, testing until we find the perfect formula.

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Design the experience

Design the experience

We design beautiful user experiences with a fine eye for detail, creating positive outcomes for our clients and their customers.

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Develop the product

Develop the product

We’re with you all the way, seeing your ideas through to the end by building your product with class-leading DevOps.

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Client feedback

“The user testing methodology which Xwerx undertook was objective, comprehensive and insightful. The recommendations from each round of testing moved the experience closer to what our customers needed and served as the foundation for what has been a very successful programme of work.”

Why we're different

We can help you to generate the ideas that are going to drive your future success. We are also there to design and build those ideas, providing you with a full end-to-end, concept-to-market partner.

Three principles underpin everything we do.

Power of innovation

Customer-driven innovation is a key force for economic success. For 20 years, we have cultivated our human-centred approach to become the innovation partners for Fortune 500 heavyweights like Aviva and Unum, government agencies delivering social change, and tiny start-ups with massive ideas.

How we innovate

Value of storytelling

Storytelling is part of the human condition and acts as a pivot for all our work. We create richly illustrated storyboards that place your idea into the context of your customer, helping to shape flow, experience, design and outcomes.

Promise of the future

The speed of technological change isn’t slowing down and we are now finding answers to the challenges of today through the technology of the future. As a design company, we embrace this change yet understand the critical role that we will play in ensuring that the user or customer remains at the heart of this evolution.