Giving Back At Xwerx

As a leading design agency, we know that we can be a force for good in the community. By lending our time and expertise, we can be a positive influence for worthy organisations, inspiring designers, and charities in need. Together, we can make a difference.

What We Do

We give back by offering our time and creative skillset to worthy causes. These are the three pillars that help to guide our initiatives.

Projects For Purpose

An annual pro-bono project programme that allows us to collaborate with mission-driven organisations.

Charity Of The Year

Our charity partnership is a means for us to give ongoing support to charitable causes through fundraising and social initiatives.

Educate Programme

By sharing industry expertise, this is our way to give back to the design community in Ireland and to guide up-and-coming talent.

Projects For Purpose

As the world becomes more digitally connected, design thinking is more important than ever for business. By integrating the fundamentals of UX into their services and products, organisations can leverage the intrinsic commercial value of effective design. This not only boosts team collaboration and thinking skills, but connects with customers on a higher level through improved design and usability.

We aim to work side by side within our partnerships to help those who are seeking professional UX assistance and are open to project collaboration.

People First. A better way to manage care support.

People First. A better way to manage care support.

People First. A better way to manage care support.

We worked with inCharge HQ to guide their vision for solutions that will support people with disabilities and their families.

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Becoming a Project Partner

It is part of our mission to lend a hand to those in need of professional design support. If you need UX help getting your project off the ground, and your organisation falls into one of the categories below, then we would love to hear from you.

Projects for Purpose is looking for organisations or companies who are:

  • Working on a sustainability mission
  • Tackling humanitarian or social issues (such as homelessness, poverty, etc)
  • Creating mental health or wellbeing initiatives
  • Improving or providing quality education
  • Aiding marginalised groups (inequality, accessibility, basic needs, etc.)
  • Limited in design funding but want to pursue a project in line with these guidelines

Charity of the Year

We select a single charity as the main beneficiary of any fundraising or charitable events we take part in throughout the year. It’s an important part of our CSR mission and has proven to be a rewarding activity for our team.

We engage in various charity events such as table quiz nights, sponsored runs and so on. By raising both money and awareness, we hope to help our chosen Charity of the Year partner get closer to their goals in a beneficial and impactful way.

Educate Programme

The Educate Programme is our way to give back to the design community in Ireland and to help guide emerging talent. Our UX Portfolio Reviews allow us to engage with graduate students and aspiring UX designers. We aim to provide practical industry feedback to help these fledgling designers embark on their careers.

UX Portfolio Review

Are you a young UX Designer who’s looking to get professional advice? If so, then this portfolio programme is for you.

Being involved in the design community is important to us at Xwerx. By supporting new talent with feedback and practical steps, our goal is to assist hopeful designers on their quest to break into the UX industry.

With this mission in mind, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new UX Portfolio Review programme in 2024.

By investing in new talent, we are investing in the future.

What To Expect

Reviews take place quarterly throughout the year. The first round of submissions opens every January and the cycle continues throughout the calendar year.

  • Portfolio Submission Cycles

    January submissions for review in March, April submissions for review in June, July submissions for review in September, and November submissions for review in December. We expect to take on five submissions each quarter.

  • Receive Professional Feedback

    Once the portfolio submissions are full, a team of our seasoned designers will review each portfolio in detail and generate a range of practical and professional feedback.

  • Reviews Delivered Remotely

    Participants will be invited to attend a remote one-to-one review session online with one of our team members. Each review will include the delivery of in-depth feedback and useful insights.

  • Improve Your Design Work

    These reviews are a great opportunity to ask questions and bounce ideas off an industry professional. Our designers are happy to help and give suggestions on where to improve your design work.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone with an Online UX Design portfolio can apply.

We understand and respect that not all aspiring designers enter the industry with a formal educational background, so this is not a requirement.

All we ask is that portfolios consist of at least 2 fully realised projects. This minimum means our designers have enough material to provide feedback on, and that you are getting the most value out of the workshop.