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Courses, meetups, talks, open testing sessions… We organise and support several events to share our love and knowledge of User Experience.

Upcoming events:

MasterClass 14 September 2017 eir HQ (Invite Only)

How to build and test a prototype in a week

“A prototype is worth a thousand meetings”, goes the adage, attributed to Tom and David Kelley, from the renowned agency Ideo.

A corner stone of design-thinking, prototyping is the act of creating a fake version of a solution. It allows a product team to test their ideas and improve on them before too much time, effort and money get spent. Learn how to build a prototype in a week, using Design Sprint methodologies, to get real insights into what your users want.

In this master class hosted by Eir, Sean Murphy (Xwerx Director) will explore the benefits of the “Don’t build it, fake it first” approach, and will review the existing tools and methods.

Sold out
meetup September Dublin

Analytics best practices in the news industry

Every organisation faces the challenge of building measurement tools that can diffuse business goals over all departments, but remain meaningful for everyone. This talk given by Flavien Plouzennec, a UX designer at Xwerx and a former journalist, will give you a snapshot of the most innovative analytic practices in the news media industry.

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