Aviva Mind The Pension Gap

Strategy and Concept + Visual Design + Development

The Brief

Mind the Pension Gap is an online calculator that helps people find out if they’ll have a gap in their pension funds when they retire.

Users are asked to enter information such as their income, current savings and pension expectations. The calculator then gives them a personalised report and invites them to talk to a financial broker.

The calculator aims to raise awareness about the ever-mounting pension gap issue, while supporting Aviva pension products.

Ahead of the publication of their ‘Mind the Gap 2016’ report about pension shortfalls across Europe, Aviva asked our agency to revisit their existing Pension Gap calculator.


Beyond the need for a visual refresh, we focused our efforts on three elements:

  • Refresh brand references, to reflect current Aviva guidelines.
  • Take a mobile-first approach, making it simple for users to submit the information needed to evaluate their pension gap.
  • Offer encouragement to the user, even when a significant pension gap is found. Generating anxiety (or guilt) feels counter-productive. Instead, we should guide the users towards solutions, while demonstrating the benefits of immediate action.


We transformed the original Mind the Gap calculator from a desktop-optimised, form-based experience to a mobile-first series of questions that users can answer quickly and easily.

We also introduced “Anna”, a friendly assistant to ask the questions and guide the users through the process in a conversational style.

To create the best flow possible, we quickly built a prototype to test with users. It helped us to decide, for each step, the most appropriate language and pattern to collect user input. “Is this question absolutely necessary?”; “Should the question be open or closed ?”; “Would a slider or a button control be better for entering figures?” Wherever necessary, default values and relevant tips were introduced to reduce confusion and prevent drop-offs.

We redesigned the “results” page to become more “solution focused”. The page offers several levels of engagement to users who can browse a concise summary of their findings, or have the figures emailed to them as a personal report for later consideration.

Users who are motivated to take further action are invited to initiate contact with a local financial broker. Quick search functionality lets them find their nearest broker (and Aviva partner) by using search or sharing geolocation data from their phone or device.

Finally, users can “spread the word” about the calculator, with a preference for messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. These channels are frequently preferred over Facebook or Twitter for sharing personal topics with friends and family.


Following the release of the redesigned calculator, a significant jump in traffic was seen, supported by press mentions and social ad campaigns.

The calculator received around 14,000 unique visitors in November 2016 (vs. 1,500 in November 2015) , with measured successes in both completion and conversion.

In November 2016:
53.5% of users who started the form completed it (versus an average of 30% in the previous version).