June 19th - 2017

Money Talks (Part 3) – How to prepare for the future

By Sean and Patrick
By Murray on March 27th - 2017

Money Talks (Part 2) – How PSD2 will impact European banking

The pending introduction of European Directive PSD2 concerning access to bank-held account information will throw the market open.

By Murray on March 15th - 2017

Money Talks (Part 1) – How Banks and FinTechs can embrace chat and AI

Phone banking systems can be frustrating and time consuming to use. Chatbots present an opportunity to reduce friction for users.

By Flavien on February 10th - 2017

Future Fintech Experience

A snapshot of the Opportunities and User Experience challenges of the most important Fintech technologies.

By Flavien on November 30th - 2016

How to shape data visualisation for mobile

The amount of data available to us has never been greater and yet we are now working with watch sized interfaces. How do we tackle this challenge?

By Sean on August 11th - 2016

Chatting your way to a new customer experience

Chatbots are offering a new way to interact with customers. Will they improve the user's experience or are they just another passing fad?

By Flavien on June 24th - 2016

Motion, focus, control… Exploring the UX of Virtual Reality

Let’s get our glasses on! The Xwerx team recently explored the user experience design challenges of Virtual Reality (VR).