Pre-workshop survey

Before every course starts, we send out a short survey to all participants to help us gauge current levels of understanding. It’s not a test! It just helps us to pitch the course at an appropriate level before we start.

Workshop timeline



A brief introduction to the course and some basic housekeeping to get us started.


Survey Review

The purpose of the survey was to get an insight into participants' general understanding of user experience, particularly in the enterprise.


UX Process

The UX Process module explores a definition of UX, explains a typical UX process and a toolset we use called the UX Toolkit. This will lead us into the workshop activity that follows.


Workshop Activity

Based on an initial brief, we will create a storyboard, focusing on a particular scenario.


Challenges of Enterprise UX

We will introduce the importance of implementing UX in larger organisations and show you how to help organisations embrace change.


Coffee Break


Agile & Lean UX

With the challenges of bringing UX into the enterprise, we need to also cater for Agile workflows. We address this need with an introduction to the Lean UX methodology.


Workshop Activity

Based on our initial brief, we will create a set of proto-personas.


Governance - Making it Work

We will discuss the idea that a product must adapt to changing markets and how the concept of a living style guide facilitates this. We will also discuss other methods to maintain product success.



Post-workshop survey

Following the workshop, we will send out a follow-up survey to assess the change in participants' level of expertise and to seek feedback on the course. This helps us to finetune our training course and continually improve our offering.

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